Will My Thesis Be More Attractive If I Add Graphs and Tables?

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What can help you to make your thesis more attractive? The answer is so-called visual aids and some additional information: diagrams, graphs and tables can help to get your work better.

Tips on Tables and Graphs Formatting in Thesis Writing

To make your thesis more attractive you will have to put a lot of efforts into it and pay really close attention to figures, graphs, charts and tables. Figures and tables should be embedded in the text on the same page or on the following one. For easy comprehension, a thesis writer should number and cite these figures and tables properly and past consecutively in the text. Below each figure or a table includes a label and to highlight the keywords. Also, you should include an index map showing and naming all graphical content in your thesis. The use of charts, graphs, tables, etc., larger than the standard 8 ½ x 11 page should be avoided. Reduced images are acceptable if they are clearly legible.  Every object placed in your thesis (like table, graph, diagram, picture, photo, etc.) must have the number, title and source. All graphs, figures, charts, diagrams must be clear and legible. Clear permanent color or black and white reproductions are acceptable. Photographs should be permanently attached to the cid-free paper. Computer-generated illustrations are acceptable. The illustrative pages must meet all margin requirements. All illustrations must be located on the right-hand side page of the thesis.

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