What Should Be Included in a Good Article Review

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An article review should first be preceded by carefully reading and understanding the article under review. The article review should begin with a heading. The first paragraph is the introduction to the review. My thesis writing services will show you how to summarize the highlights in the article in the first paragraph.

Important Tips

  • The summary should however not reveal all the details about the article under review. It should only discuss the very important details. If the summary content is more than what can fit in a single paragraph it is advisable to revisit it and trim the length. It is easy for a thesis writing service to summarize the introduction to one paragraph.
  • The other step is to explain the significance of the reviewed article. The explanation is achieved by considering whether the article contains some information that can be considered to be a breakthrough.  My thesis writing services can establish if the article fills a void on the same the topic in the already existing literature.
  • The review should contain an explanation on the impact of the article in terms of whether its contents would make people change the view of its subject matter. It is also important to state whether the article simply revisits information that a thesis writing service found that it is already known in a certain field.
  • The final paragraphs are reserved for the personal article evaluation. The evaluation should include a statement about whether the article is well written. My thesis writing services will help you to relate an article to real experiences in life. The review should also include the details about any information that was missing although it would have made the article a better piece if it was included. A review should state if there is a need for more research.

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