The Purpose Of Thesis Literature Review Writing

My-Thsis.net is aware that literature review is an important chapter of any thesis, no matter what your topic is. The name literature review speaks for itself as in this part of a thesis students are required to collect, present and summarize the relevant information taken from the previously published literature on a particular thesis topic. A good literature review, according to My Thesis Writing Service will allow you to organize the vast amount of data in a way which will make it possible to draw your own conclusions and help you define your research topic.

My Thesis Writing Service Explains What Is Literature Review For

According to My-Thesis.net, literature review writing has certain objectives which each student should bear in mind while conducting it.

1. Summarizing information. – This is the main purpose of your thesis literature review writing which is applicable to each and every literature review.

2.Comparison of the findings. – According to My Thesis Writing Service after collecting the needed information you will need to analyze the data in order to set goals for your own thesis research.

3.Comparison of research methods. – This is another important task which a good literature review should fulfill. Evaluating the research methods other scientists used, according to My-Thesis.net, will make it easier for you to decide on your own research methodology.

4. Finding the uncovered areas of the researches. – It is important that while conducting your thesis literature review, you paid attention to the untapped areas of study in order to fill in those gaps with your own discoveries.

5. Identifying the most important studies. – My-Thesis.net agrees that not all the researches are equally valuable. Your task will be to evaluate in your literature review the contribution of different researches.

Get Literature Review Writing Assistance

As you can see, literature review purse many different objectives, so it is important to write a good one for the success of your thesis. If you are not sure that you can tackle this task yourself, turn to us and our writers from My Thesis Writing Service will do their best to assist you!