My-Thesis Writing Tips and Tricks

My-Thesis Service Knows How You Feel about Thesis Writing

Most students get worried once they have been assigned thesis writing, but it is crucial for them to come down and move on with this paper bit by bit. Thesis writing stands for gaining the doctorate degree and there is no way to avoid it. Thus My-Thesis thinks it is better to get along with this thought.

My-Thesis Tips on Thesis Formatting

My-Thesis thinks the best way to start thesis writing effectively is to make an outline and stick to it. The outline serves as a road map which, if followed, leads you to successive defense of your thesis writing. First thing that you need to clarify before proceeding with your thesis writing is a citation style used in your institution. The most common ones are APA, MLA, AMA and Harvard. APA style is generally used for social or behavioral science, MLA is used for arts, literature or humanities, AMA style is preferred only for biological sciences and Harvard is often used for natural sciences like physics, chemistry, etc.

My-Thesis Advice on Thesis Proposal and Literature Review

Next thing My-Thesis suggests you to do is to pay close attention to thesis writing proposal. It is the most crucial element of thesis writing, because the first thing that a student has to do is to convince the supervisor about his or her thesis proposal and cover all facts that he or she is going to present in this thesis writing in order to get an approval and proceed.

The next step is looking for relevant literature resources. Literature review reflects the logical ideas you have presented in your thesis writing by relying on secondary data obtained from printed resources. Therefore, you don’t need to review anything experimental, but rather highlight the vital points.