In What Chapters of My Thesis Should I Show My Critical Thinking?

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What is critical thinking?

Critical thinking is taking the information that you receive from any source, and analyzing it to determine its value. Information can help you, but only if you are able to differentiate between useful and useless information. Critical thinking includes a complex combination of skills.  Among the main characteristics are the following: rationality, self-awareness, open-mindedness and judgment. Not all the people possess these qualities, but critical thinking is highly important for all the thesis writers.

Critical thinking for your thesis:

Make your case, defend your conclusion, and anticipate objections. A thesis is in actual fact a long argument. You should give a number of reasons why the reader should accept your new and original conclusion, and you argue that your conclusion is a significant contribution. For this purpose you actually need your critical thinking, which has to be shown throughout your thesis paper.

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