How to Write Appendices for My Thesis

What Materials Can Be Included into My Thesis Appendix?

Don’t know what to include into a thesis appendix?

We have the answer:

  • tangential materials;
  • quoted information which is too long to include in the body of the thesis;
  • procedural explanations, etc.,

All of them may be placed in an appendix.

How to Format My Thesis Appendix

This section should be designated by capital letters (A, B, C) but not the numbers. If there is only one appendix, it is called simply – “Appendix” without any letters. The form of the heading for the appendix is the same as that for a chapter title and it should have the same system you are using in the text for chapter headings. My Thesis Service writers advise you to keep in mind that the appendices titles should be listed in the table of contents.

Material presented in the appendix, can be single spaced. Appendices should be consecutively numbered with the text of the thesis. Margin and print-size requirements are the same as for the rest of the thesis. If you have some oversize materials, My Thesis Service suggests you to include them as pocket material or as foldout pages.

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As you can see, there are some general rules which you should follow to get the appendices section of your thesis done right. If you struggle with it or unsure whether you have done a good job, please, contact My Thesis Writing Service representatives and be sure you will get high quality assistance.