How to Express Numbers in My Thesis

Where Can I Find Proper Guidelines to Write My Thesis?

Students often struggle with how to express numbers, fractions, dates and other numerical information in their theses and in many cases lose points for doing it wrong. My Thesis Writing Company offers some guidelines that will help you to present numerical values correctly and not lose points for that.

My Thesis Writing Company Advice on Expressing Numerical Information

First thing you need to do is determine what type of number you need to express. A good rule of thumb is to never begin a sentence using a numerical value, so if you have to start a sentence with a number, you should present it by spelling it out. Another useful piece of advice from My Thesis Writing Company to keep in mind is to write out numbers under ten while using numerals for numbers over nine. Another thing you should watch for is to be consistent about expressing your numbers. If you will choose to write out the word “seven” or “ten”, then make sure that you do so in all other instances throughout your thesis.

Should I Choose the Simplest Way to Express Numbers in My Thesis?

My Thesis Writing Company suggests choosing the simplest way to express a number, especially if you have to present money amounts, because if it will look confusing to you. Chances are, it will also look confusing to the reader. If you have tough time expressing numerical information, you should look for a style guide and follow it and you will do fine. Keep in mind that every formatting style has different rules for writing numbers, so prior to express them in one way or another, you should either consult your advisor or formatting guidelines provided by your institution or department and you will get it right.