How to Choose the Right Font for My Thesis

Where Can I Get Some Instructions on My Thesis Formatting?

The best way to get it right with font for your thesis is to ask for formatting guidelines at the methodic department and follow them. My Thesis Writing Service can assure you that this way you will know what kind of font and what size of font to use to write the text and headings of your thesis.

My Thesis Writing Service Tips on Font Usage

On general, if it is possible, you should use the same font for the entire thesis. However, if necessary, use different fonts for your tables, figures, and appendices. Any change in font size causes distractions to readers, so these changes should be kept to a minimum. In most cases 12 pt size Times New Roman font is being used, but you can’t take it for granted. My Thesis Writing Service suggests you always to check with your institution, this way you will know for certain.

Get My Thesis Writing Service Advice on Fonts Usage

If you are not sure about the font which to use for writing your thesis, you can contact My Thesis Writing Service professionals and get qualified help. They know everything about thesis writing and if you will provide the name of your institution and your department, they will tell you exactly what fonts you should use for the general text as well as for figures, tables and appendices. Do not hesitate to contact My Thesis Writing Service and you will get all necessary help with your thesis writing regardless of its difficulty.