Cabin Amenities Services – a Sample Thesis Proposal


Failure of an industry to place adequate degree of importance on these aspects, can cause lose of large portion of market share. The nature of this study is to take a survey of passengers and distribute questionnaires requesting them to provide information regarding their experiences. The provision of better services enhances the brand image of a company. Emirates airline has sufficed well in this sector that has attracted sponsors such as Arsenal stadium and horse racing among others.  Proper service delivery also provides adequate recommendations regarding approval and operation of cabin crews, process of training for the cabin crew and the guidance, consideration that can be used in case of disruptive passengers and approaches that companies can use in service improvement. Furthermore, this study will gather information regarding cabin services, amenities, cabin crew attitude, awards and accolades that emirates airlines has achieved throughout the years . In the cabin the following parts will be significant; the under seats, Over-head bins, Compartments, Seat-pockets, Crew seat area and Magazine racks.

Emirates Airlines, whose focus is on service provision, will be this study target. Emirates Airlines is the flag bearer of Dubai, which is a part of United Arab Emirates.

Besides the growth that has been experienced in Emirates Airlines, the airline has also grown to a global brand as well. The airline has made man sponsor like Arsenal stadium, FIFA world cup and Horse racing world cup to build its company brand and to market itself. Emirates have created its brand through the service it provides through provision of quality services. Passenger expectation must be met to maintain the company brand identity.

Research Objectives 

As has been noted, there is little research on Cabin amenities and services as a tool for brand building and marketing at Emirates Airlines. To this end, the goal of this study is to examine the cabin facilities, cabin crew etiquette, behavior, temperament, flight entertainment and how all this helps in promoting the brand image and in enhancing customer satisfaction at Emirates airlines. By using a company that has made significant stride to increase the market share the objective of this study will be realized.

  • To examine the environment within which Emirates Airlines operates.
  • To critically examine the recommendation and regulation pertaining to cabin services, amenities and cabin crew attitude, for brand building and that industry depend on it to improve its market base and enhance customer satisfaction.
  • To prove that every airline industry, need to understand the significance of the Cabin amenities and services within their industry framework in improving the brand image of the company.
  • To illustrate the adverse effect on a company if a company fails to recognize the significance of Cabin amenities and services in improving the company brand image.
  • To illustrate business effectiveness in using cabin crew members in a complementary manner to increase value to businesses and thus, increases the overall consumer satisfaction.

Project outcome

The significance of this study is to demonstrate that every business needs to realize the significance of Cabin amenities and services within the airline business framework. The study also illustrates how the Cabin amenities and services can be used as a tool for brand building and marketing. Once completed, this study can serve as a template within which other industries can effectively measure the performance of their business to improve their market share and increase their competitive advantage. Information gathered by this study will satisfy the objectives and act as a guide that can potentially inspire or influence a struggling organization to reconsider reorganizing its operations and processes to make the industry more consumer-driven industry in order to attract and retain huge passenger base. As part of the process of benchmarking, this study can serve in adding value to market research plan as substantiated, solid information on consumer opinion concerning consumers’ feedbacks and existing business practices. The outcome of this research will be helpful not only to the Emirates Airlines but also to the educational institution and foreign businesspersons contemplating to find study Cabin amenities and services as a tool for brand building and marketing.

Research Questions

  • How can the Cabin amenities and services be used for brand building and marketing in the airline industries?
  • How does a cabin facility affect profitability and brand loyalty of a company?
  • What are challenges faced by Emirates airlines in achieving quality service in regards to Cabin amenities to improve brand loyalty in airline industry


Due to many aircraft present in Emirates airline, there are very man kinds of cabins and cabin equipment. There might be a high tech in on but in another, the experience may be only mediocre in another aircraft. This difference is unexpected as the passenger involved may not be satisfied and thus, hurt the image airline. Therefore, Emirates airline should

  • Standardize their equipment and mostly with regards to seat comfort.
  • Ensure that the same in-flight entertainment are present in all the aircrafts.

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