Are recommendation letters necessary for your thesis defense?

A recommendation letter might be delayed for one reason or another.

Many students feel that they have worked hard to write a thesis or they have paid dearly for assistance from a thesis writing service hence should not delay their thesis defense. Many students in such a situation wonder if recommendation letters are necessary for thesis defense.

Unfortunately they cannot be wished away. They have an important role in the professional life throughout the career.  My thesis writing services can help you to develop a superb thesis but you need to boost that with letters of recommendation. This is where the professional triumphs, interpersonal skills and unique attributes are highlighted. The letters of recommendation are important for thesis defense as your achievements are placed in the context of your professional field.

Your promise and progress are compared to those of others who are at the same career stage. Letters of recommendation are not only useful for your thesis defense but also for your applications. Even a single strong recommendation can make your CV to stand out from other CVs. When you combine that with a quality thesis prepared in collaboration with a thesis writing service, you will clinch an interview.

Glowing letters of recommendation are written by the committee members who know you well and your work. The reason why some thesis committee members delay in issuing letters of recommendation is that they have a tight schedule even more than the thesis writing service staff. It hinders them from knowing you or your thesis project to an extent of understanding the kind of recommendation letter to issue.

The situation can be salvaged by meeting the committee member and ask for the way forward and if possible get a timeline within when your  letter of recommendation can be issued. Submit your thesis defense and a note that indicates when the letter will arrive. If the deadline is too rigid, you can delay your thesis defense. My Thesis writing service will still be there if you need assistance for your delayed defense.