What Is the Difference between Qualitative and Quantitative Thesis Papers?

Research as a Key Component in Thesis

One of the key components of writing your thesis is research and this process should be systematic in order to establish the necessary arguments without sacrificing the facts. The most common investigative methods in thesis writing are qualitative and quantitative research – both have different advantages and students should know how to use these for a beneficial outcome of their thesis. Whilst both have edges variety of edges, it is essential to comprehend both methods for they are not only vital in research but also for the success of your thesis. Understanding qualitative and quantitative research will help determine which is more adept for you to use in your investigative protocol.

Difference of Two Research Methods

Qualitative research can offer different techniques in regards to data development. Methods which this process requires are personal interviews, group participation, questions and other job oriented observations. While quantitative research focuses more details and facts which can be collected via large scale information gathering. Surveys are the most common process for they can create specific types of result without investing too much time which the first method required. The consideration in which method you will use should range from factors that include the different aspect of your topic.

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