What citation styles in thesis writing may be?

If you have ever visited a site of essay writing service you must have seen that there you can choose one of the citation styles. Thesis writing or any other type of writing requires using works written not by you but by one of the previous scholars. Whenever you quote some other person’s work you must give information about the document you used. Citations show that you have mastered a lot of literature on your topic. Besides, citations demonstrate that you have read some scholar’s work, that you are trying to respond this person and even to add something new to the existing theory.

A bibliography of the used works is usually placed in the end of a work. And to organize the citation format you will have to use one of the existing citation styles. The major citation styles are:

  • APA Style
  • MLA Style
  • Chicago Style
  • Turabian Style

All these guides give the publication date, the title of the used work, the name of the article, place of publication, publisher and other information concerning the book you used. There is no universal way to choose the citation style. Each university and even each professor has his/her own requirements to the usage of citation style. Before you make up your mind you should ask your advisor for the formatting instructions you have to follow.

You should never underestimate the importance of citation. Our thesis writing service advices that you always quote the sources you’ve used for thesis writing. Otherwise your work will contain plagiarism which is a serious violation of academic rules. Our thesis writing service knows how to use the citation styles. You will only need the citation style you need. And after it our thesis writing service will do all the formatting!