Using Quotations Properly In My Law Thesis

Quotations are often used by students in thesis papers, but in many cases they are inappropriate or formatted not in the way they were supposed which confuses readers and leads to misunderstandings. For this not to happen, you have to pay very close attention to quotations in your writing. Here are a few tips on quotations usage from My Thesis Writing service and, hopefully, they will be helpful.

My Thesis Writing Service Tells About The Importance Of Quotations

Quotation marks in a thesis paper can be used to designate direct speech or exact said words said by some individual and they are considered to be the best way to use the person’s exact words while avoiding plagiarism. Quotations add liveliness and interest to your paper and improve its quality and credibility. However, keep in mind that their overuse might result in lack of your own ideas, so use them sparingly and consider every one of them prior to presenting it.

My Thesis Writing Service Offers Tips On Quotations Usage

Many students have difficulty formatting quotations, so My Thesis Writing Service decided to give you a few tips. First of all, keep in mind that every quotation has a beginning and an end, thus you should mark it off with certain symbols like (“) or (‘). When quoting some phrase or a sentence, make sure to capitalize the initial letter in it; however, if you are quoting only some phrase or part of the sentence, there is no need for capitalization. When quoting, pay close attention to punctuation marks in the original piece and present it exactly the way it was written. In case a quotation runs for more than 4 lines, you can use block quotations. These are basic rules for using quotations in thesis writing and if you will follow them, My Thesis Writing Service thinks that you will not have any problems.