Use of quotation while writing my thesis

The use of quotation mark while writing a thesis is a way to designate speech or the exact said words. Quotation mark is the best way to use the exact words said by others and at the same time avoid plagiarism. Quotation can be best used when another writer’s language is particularly memorable and will add interest and liveliness to your paper.

Use of quotation will also be helpful to provide evidences but keep in mind that over use of quotation might result into lack of your original ideas and views. So along with quotations use of paraphrases, data, charts and statistics would be quite supportive.

  • When using a quotation mark keep in mind that it has both opening ( ‘ ) and closing ( ’ ) sign as they both are used in pairs.
  • When quoting a full sentence keep in mind to capitalize the first letter of the sentence.
  • While you are quoting only a part of sentence it is not required to be capitalized.
  • Even when there is a break in the sentence, the second part of the sentence need not to be capitalized.

Example :
“ Come here,”  Alice said, “ what took you so late?”

  • Be particular in the use of punctuations like comma, full stop or any other marks.
  • When you need to quote long passages, use block quotations.
  • Block quotes are used only “If a quotation runs more than four lines in your paper” (Gibaldi 110).