Tip to get more coherence in writing your thesis

Coherence is a property which binds your thesis and its every sentence so that your reader finds your thesis writing pleasing and valuable. The best way to achieve this is by paragraph unity and sentence cohesion.

When writing your thesis, keep in mind that you have only a single topic sentence and you need to focus on it while writing your entire thesis. Your paragraph needs to have specific information so that its as attractive and interesting as your topic sentence. It will help you to grab more readers attention and appreciation.

Use of Synonym and Antonyms will surely bring coherence without repeating the same words. This will also help you to emphasize  on the important points that you want to bring in the readers notice at the same time there will variations and no repetition. Repetition of the same words might make your thesis monotonous.

Use of Collocations in your thesis writing, will provide you alternative and richer ways of expressing yourself. It will even help you to connect one sentence to another and thus will help in easy flow of sentences.