Thesis writing for scoring grades

When we talk about thesis writing immediately  it comes into our mind how to write it to secure good grades. Grades can be assigned in letters (for example, A, B, C, D, or F), as a range (for example 1.0–4.0), as descriptors (excellent, great, satisfactory, needs improvement).

Your grades while thesis writing depends on:

  • How well your research work is.
  • Use of new or unusual topic.
  • Use of clear thesis statement in the first paragraph of your thesis writing.
  • Use of enough evidence to support the argument.
  • Your thesis writing needs to be grammatically error free along with use of good vocabulary.
  • The format and writing style should be as mentioned.
  • Your thesis writing should be typed using double-spaced, neat in appearance and carefully proofread to remove all typographical errors.
  • Use of sufficient evidence in the form of brief quotations or descriptions or analysis to support your assertions.