The Reasons To Avoid “I” and “We” In My Thesis

It is a well known fact that thesis writing requires third person usage, but many students don’t understand reasons for that, so My-Thesis Writing Service decided to clarify them. Even though third person use is a standard practice in thesis writing, first and second person use is not totally forbidden; however, it is most likely to irritate and distract the readers. So, why should you avoid using “I” and “We” in thesis writing?

My Thesis Writing Service Provides Reasons Why To Avoid Using “I” and “We” In Thesis Writing

My Thesis Writing Service agrees that thesis should be written from third person point of view because the researcher’s opinion(s) is(are) usually irrelevant to the department, professors, or other audience to which the writing is addressed. First and second person should be avoided due to the tone of the voice as well as due to the second person’s pronoun ability to miss the target audience. According to My-Thesis Writing Service, first and second person pronouns are informal, thus it usually does not match the writing situation. Thesis is not a personal narrative, because here you need to present solid evidence and provide extensive research on the chosen topic.

My Thesis Writing Service Can Help With Thesis Writing

My -Thesis Writing Service thinks that by using “I” and “We” pronouns, writer speaks directly to the reader and even though it is appropriate in an email or a letter, it does not match formal writing. Besides that, the use of the third person indicates objectivity, thus when writing a thesis paper, you should stick to third person passive voice and you will do great. At the same time, if you are experiencing any difficulties with thesis writing, please, feel free to contact My-Thesis Writing Service and one of our highly qualified writers will help you.