Some Tips on Narrowing My Thesis Topic Down

Narrowing down the topics in thesis writing is a challenging and a rewarding task at the same level.  Know why in the succeeding discussion.

Identifying the Need in Narrowing My Thesis Topic

A thesis proposal is always the case of first knowing what topic to write. Keep always in mind that writing a thesis on a particular topic is the same as showing your fervent desire to feed the readers with an answer to a phenomenon that the society had been longing to know. This becomes interesting as you satisfy their curiosity of the topic without having them rigorously going through the process of gathering data and investigating external sources as much as you do. The readers are relying on how specific can you get. So what is new with what you are bringing to them? Begin to ask yourself. Is my thesis topic specific enough to convey a specific answer to the society?

A specific answer to a specific question makes the idea of your thesis intact and easy to convey. It is clear therefore that you must view writing a thesis not just as a mere fulfillment of a course requirement. However, view thus as a social responsibility that one must act on responsibly.

Choosing My Thesis Topic According to Parameters

The most crucial part in writing a thesis is choosing a topic. There are many factors to consider on this part, but remembering them could be too easy if you develop your own parameters.  An example to this is “My thesis should have a topic that is interesting, unique, and informative”. With this in mind, you can start sorting out from the list which one qualifies to these parameters. As you go along with your list, start the criteria according to significance, availability of resources and feasibility – that is the concept of being able to “DO” the research.

Narrowing My Thesis Topic

Upon entering a library and you have found gazillion of books that could pass as your reference, it is a sign that your topic is too broad. If your topic is just a word or two, then it is not specific. In the following example, any country will do as long as it already passed your own above-mentioned parameters.

My thesis topic is “SMOKING”.  How can the topic SMOKING be specific? Here is how to narrow down.

“Smoking in Sweden”.

“Smoking in Gothenburg, Sweden”.

“Smoking in the University of Gothenburg, Sweden”

“Teenage Smoking in the University of Gothenburg, Sweden”

You can go on and on in this reduction process until you develop a thesis statement.