Preparing For Oral Dissertation Presentation With My Thesis Writing Service

The moment that you have been waiting for so long has finally come: you finished writing your dissertation. You are feeling satisfied and relieved, don’t you? Still, our writers from My-Thesis.net advises you not to get too relaxed as this isn’t it yet. As you know, you will have to make an oral presentation in front of the audience of your tutors and colleagues, in other words, you will have to defend your dissertation. My Thesis Writing Service is aware that many talented writers lack oral skills and decided to give a couple of useful tips.

My Thesis Tells How To Make An Impressive Presentation

My-Thesis.net is sure that there are certain preconditions which can guarantee the success of your dissertation presentation and want to share  them with you. First of all, our service advises you to sign up early for your dissertation presentation. Our writers at My Thesis Writing Service are sure that it will give you more chances to be original. Moreover, it is better to make your presentation in the beginning of the term, since you won’t be loaded with other tasks and will be able to concentrate on your presentation.

Secondly, My-Thesis.net agrees that it is important to get to know what is expected from your presentation in advance. Ask your professor the following: How much time will you have to make your dissertation presentation? Will you need to leave some time to answer questions? What your presentation should be like? Will you be allowed to use your notes? Will you be allowed to use different sorts of media for your presentation and who will arrange this if yes? What criteria will be used to evaluate your dissertation?

In addition, My-Thesis.net recommends you to define the scope of the material you will present (you are not supposed to make report on the whole body of your paper). Our writers advise you organizing your oral dissertation presentation as if it was an essay: starting with a strong thesis statement which is further supported with the evidences. Finally, My-Thesis.net thinks that it is important to rehearse your dissertation presentation properly in order to understand its week and strong points and to make it clear for yourself how much time it will take to present your paper. Oral presentation rehearsal acts like a draft for your written paper.

My Thesis Writing Service Offers Help

Dissertation presentation should be based on a well-written paper, so it is important to make it flawless before you present it. My Thesis Writing Service will help you get through all the stages of dissertation writing so that you had a great paper for your presentation and received a top mark for it. Place an order with us without hesitation!