Organising your M.F.C.C. thesis

When your are completed with writing of your thesis, you need to pay heed on its presentation.

There are few important points to be kept in mind.

  • Print your thesis on 8-1/2 x 11 inch acid-free paper.
  • While typing font Courier (10) or Times New Roman (12) should be used.
  • You need to have a margin of 1 ½ inches on the left and 1 inch on the right, top, and bottom.
  • For heading and paging  APA formant is required to be followed.
  • Let the entire thesis to be double spaced.
  • Use block quotation for quotes that are five or more lines in length.
  • The entire page should be used while writing. Do not use the pages partially.
  • When you are towards the end of the page and there is only space for a line or two do not start a new topic there. Use a new page.
  • When number the pages, put numbers on the upper right hand corner.
  • Be careful while hyphenating the words. Never hyphenate the words.