My Thesis Writing Service Tells About The Difference Between High School And University Writing

Leaving your high school and entering a university, you should leave some of your academic writing principles and rules behind. My-Thesis.net knows that  university academic writing is much more different from the high school one. Our service thinks that you need to be flexible if you want to be a successful student and receive “A”s for your essays, research paper, theses and dissertations. However, not many students fully understand where this difference lies. For that reason, My Thesis Writing Service decided to help you make a transition from high school to university writing.

Main Differences Between High School And University Writing From My-Thesis.net

First and foremost, our writers from My Thesis Writing Service emphasize that while school writing presumes using ready-made structures for your essays which are applicable for all your subjects, university writing provides you with more freedom. Here you can choose the structure of your paper yourself and don’t stick to those 5-paragraph structure while writing an essay, for instance.

Secondly, My-Thesis.net wants you to know that university writing has specific guidelines for each discipline while high school writing teaches you one pattern for your paper writing. Moreover, high school writing has fixed rules which shouldn’t be broken if you want to get a good mark for your paper. At the same time, university writing encourages critical thinking.

Finally, while writing a high school paper, you are only to demonstrate your knowledge of the material, on the contrary, when writing an academic university paper, be it a thesis, a dissertation or an essay, you will need to analyze the material and focus on your own conclusions and findings.

My Thesis Writing Service Provides University Writing Assistance

Though university writing gives more freedom to a student, it doesn’t make writing process easier. Vice versa, being taught to follow well-learned models and writing patterns, students find it difficult to be independent and critical while writing their university papers. For those seeking academic writing assistance our My Thesis Writing Service is always ready to provide it. All you have to do is to ask our writers for assistance by placing an order with us!