My Thesis Proposal Will Be Definitely Approved

Thesis writing is an ultimate effort of an individual in coming up with an argument that arises from a social phenomenon. It is the writer’s self-assessment and detailed scrutiny of an issue that has social relevance in a particular area of discipline. By this definition alone, you can expect what will the examiner needs to see in a material that will soon be a part of a public reading. So if you want to firmly say “my thesis proposal will be definitely approved”, carefully consider the following.

What Is the Topic of My Thesis?

Brainstorm yourself. Create an outline of your thesis to make sure the topic is specific and answerable. Narrow down the topic by answering your own questions. Broad topics are often tiring and confusing as you go along. Be realistic, examiners can see the feasibility of your Ph.D. thesis proposal. They can foresee the development of a certain topic in thesis writing.

Make Sure to Answer the Following Question as You Come up with a Topic

  • Is my thesis proposal unique and relevant? Does it have something that roused the curiosity of the examiner? The examiners’ feeling and reaction to your proposal determines the chances of the readers to be interested in your thesis.
  • Is my thesis proposal feasible? Your capacity to research and the availability of reliable sources should be realized. Materials and sources that are weak and lack of evidence to support an argument would result to a wasted effort.

Why Do I Need Feedback for My Thesis?

The data you have gathered from your research will be useless unless organized and driven well to convey strong and relevant arguments that benefit the readers. This is what the examiner of a thesis is looking for. So make sure to answer the question “What is the benefit of my thesis to my community or the public in general?”. If your answer to this is specific and persuading, the more chances that your thesis proposal will be definitely approved.

Get an expert opinion on this part. A thesis supervisor or a friend who is an authority on thesis writing will help you save time to come up with a thesis that combines a good scholar and qualitative content. He can give you some tips on how you can organize your thesis to meet the examiners’ standards. They have solid experience that can guarantee your thesis approval.

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