My Thesis Got A Poor Mark. Why?

Majority of students try their best to produce a great thesis paper, but end up getting a poor mark which gets them wondering about the reasons for getting it. My-Thesis Writing Service have been writing thesis papers for a very long time and knows the reasons why students get low grades, and decided to share this information.

My-Thesis Writing Service Tells About The Reasons For Getting A Poor Mark

According to My-Thesis Writing Service, there are many reasons for getting a poor mark on your thesis paper, but among some of the most common ones are:

  • inability to prove or disprove a central thesis statement with enough evidence,
  • not following academic guidelines for thesis writing or
  • not being able to put up a good thesis defense and failure to answer committee members’ questions.

Thesis writing seems like an easy task to complete at first, but when you get to researching, looking for literature and writing up your findings, there are many obstacles that you will have to overcome.

My-Thesis Writing Service Can Help Avoid Getting A Low Grade

Some students get too caught up looking for literature and don’t have time to complete their research; some students spend too much time researching and don’t have time to write a thesis paper; others neglect to format, proofread and edit their works according to academic standards, but whatever the reason it is, if you will not manage your time and devote enough of it to each step of the writing process, even if you were working on your thesis day and night, you might end up getting a poor mark on it. If you don’t want for this to happen, turn to professionals at My-Thesis Writing Service and we will help. We will make sure that your thesis gets a high grade, guaranteed.