My Biology Thesis Writing

Biology Thesis Writing is more difficult than writing a standard thesis writing because biology thesis writing may include more technical information than standard non-science courses.

A students needs to ensure that their thesis writing includes good grammar, perfect spelling, proper punctuation, and that the correct citation style and formatting requirements. Writing style may vary depending on the format and style requirements. Few general topics for all Biology Thesis Writing include:

Title – A concise statement clearly defining your project.
Abstract – A paragraph outlining the problem you are going to study and summarizing the research activity you have undertaken.

Introduction – In the introduction, you should give background information to help the reader understand why your topic is interesting and/or important, and tell the reader (in general terms) what you were trying to do for your thesis.

Materials and Methods – A description of the techniques and procedures that you carried out. Describe how data was collected (e.g., What experiments were done?) and what data analysis techniques were used.

Results –  In this section discuss about the data obtained during the experiment. Add figures, photos, lists, tables, diagrams, graphs for citation.

Discussion –  Here discuss about the problem faced during the experiment. Discuss about your result and hypothesis you draw from it. Even you can compare your result obtained from other thesis work done.

Bibliography – Include your citation and references. If you have used Journals for refrences, include author, title, journal name and date of publication. If used web sites, give the URL in addition to author, title, etc.