Importance of paragraph in my thesis writing

It is always said that a good thesis statement and a perfect conclusion is needed for A grade thesis writing. Does this mean paragraph or the body has less or no importance! No, the fact is, its not so. All the parts, whether topic statement, body or conclusion plays the same role in making your thesis writing a superb work.

It is the whole thesis writing which is appreciated and cherished. A break in the paragraph writing might distract your readers attention. When we move from one paragraph to another, we imagine that we are leaving one thought or argument or point or perspective or piece of evidence and moving on to another. When the writer does not manage flow from one paragraph to another well, it will lead readers to be disappointed.

The best way to manage this flow is by adding topic sentence to every paragraph excluding introductory paragraphs, transitional paragraphs and single paragraphs. Paying attention to writing paragraphs is also a key way to improve the overall coherence of a text.