Help while Mathematics Thesis Writing

Either working on Thesis Writing or Dissertation work, both are time consuming and lengthy work. A thesis is the presentation of your hard work. It should not look merely like a catalog of the results and their proofs. Your work should be put into proper form of writing.

Like all the other thesis writing, Mathematics Thesis Writing requires proper introduction. Here you can give a brief summary of your work and the problem faced during the work. Adding the above said points shows that you can add these points to your introduction after the completion of your research work.

Mathematics Thesis Writing does not mean that you need to add unexplained formulas. Your thesis writing needs to be grammatically correct.

  • Introduce your readers with all the basic definitions of the terms that you will be using in your thesis writing.
  • Avoid starting your sentences with any of the symbol. Instead they can be written as The polynomial  a ² + b ²
  • Symbols should be replaced by their appropriate words.
  • Be careful not to use the same symbol for two different things.
  • When referring to a result or section which is numbered, use a capital letter.
  • Symbols in different formulas should be separated by words.