What is a Dissertation?

How important is a dissertation? If you want to finish a Master’s degree or PhD then it is absolutely necessary to finish a dissertation. A dissertation is a formal document that is submitted as a partial fulfillment of a candidate for a degree (e.g. MA, PhD, and MBA) that presents the student’s research and findings.

A dissertation is a comprehensive document that is accomplished by graduate students during the academic years of their degree program. It is the final and major hurdle that requires a lot of time, hard work and should meet the standards of the research panel in order to gain approval.

In the US, dissertation writing is a primary component of a doctoral program and usually takes a year or more of full-time work to complete. Most universities use the term dissertation for the research required for a doctorate degree.

A dissertation is a research that should contribute new ideas to the current body of knowledge of a particular discipline. Since it is an academic paper it requires critical thinking and an extensive review of literature as well as evidence that supports the whole idea of the paper. In effect, it is an esteemed part of a student’s evaluation if he or she is qualified for the degree at stake because the quality of the paper shows how well a candidate can convey his ideas and support his claim with evidences. The best dissertations are even be published in journals when the novel ideas presented are deemed to have a huge impact on the field of study or significantly changes an already accepted theory.

Dissertations should be defended by a candidate in front of the research committee. It is usually judged on whether or not the research findings are original and makes a significant contribution to what is already known about the topic or concept.

Only those who have the determination and intellectual capacity to write an impressive dissertation can get the distinction that comes with a doctorate degree. It’s a great accomplishment that is rightfully deserved by anyone who has poured a lot of hard work and time in finishing a good dissertation.