Thesis Proposal Writing

Here comes the end of your academic studies and now comes the dissertation writing! Before submitting the final paper to acquire your master or doctoral degree you have to prepare a thesis proposal. In simple words it can be described as a summary of the whole work. As it makes the first impression on the committee of your University it is reviewed carefully. If they dislike it then your thesis will not be accepted. So write the proposal carefully as it will show you in the most favorable light.

Thesis proposal is definitely one of the most important parts of dissertation writing. So, now a few words about what it should include. You start with the abstract of you proposal. Here you give the topic and describe what issues of it you will discuss. This part is quite a short one, usually no longer than 200 words. SO try to state all the key elements here!

In the introduction part you explain the background of the chosen issue and the details of your conducted research. Here your main task is to attract the attention of your future readers. That is why check if your language is clear and reader-friendly. In the statement section you will have to put your research questions and present your hypothesis.

After this comes the method section if your thesis proposal. Here you list the methods and data used to complete the thesis paper. In this section you present the results of your conducted research. Besides it will be wise to tell how your research is connected to the chosen topic. This part of the proposal also includes a discussion of the research and findings.

In the last section of your thesis proposal you explain why it is important and how you will contribute into the chosen field. It is sometimes necessary to list the concepts and ideas which are not your own.

Review all the information carefully before submitting it to the committee. This work makes up the impression of your thesis. So spend quite a sufficient amount of time on writing it. Once you have problems or just want to save your time and efforts address to My-thesis.net. We have hundreds of satisfied clients who are all grateful to us. Do not hesitate and choose the help of top rank experts!