Research Proposal

When you are applying for any research degree you will probably have to write a research proposal as a part of your application file. A research degree (Master’s or PhD) is given mainly as the result of your making a contribution into a field of your choice. Getting the degree means you have added something to what has previously been known on the subject you have researched. But first you have to prove you are capable of making such a contribution, and therefore write a research proposal that meets certain standards. There is no single format for research proposals as every research project is different. Different organizations and academic institutions all have different formats and requirements. But they all have certain common key components common for all research proposal. Among them I may advice you such points.

Before your proposal makes sense to your readers they have to know what it will be about. So, the first point is to describe your research problem. In a clear and simple way so that it could attract their attention.

Then explain why this problem is important. Here your task is to convince your readers that your research is worth been conducted. Give examples of specific problems and questions your research will solve.

Give the literature review. It should make your methodology clear for the audience. Besides, that will help to see that you are aware of all the literature considering this problem. It is important for you to be able to provide a profound overview of your field of study. This means that you show awareness of the most important and relevant theories, models, studies and methodologies.

Then in details give the information about how your methodology is supposed to work and why it is more effective than the other ones. After it, tell your readers about your future findings. Give specific examples how they will be used in practice.

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