Dissertation Results

You know that dissertation is a massive paper fearing a lot of students! All those chapters, researches, huge amounts of information! Each person is an individual and what seems easy for some people is a real disaster for the others! The part in which you present the dissertation results may seem a terrifying one. Not only because you may not know how to present the results but also because you can simply not pay attention to certain small things that make big difference!

The Dissertation Results section has to start with the introductory paragraph, in which you should say a few words about the chapter of dissertation writing and its structure. You should also refer to the Literature Review and remind about its theoretical findings to see whether they match your thesis or suggest new findings. Whatever the outcome of the comparison is, make comments on it.

Remember that there is no place for your personal opinion in the dissertation results! It is a chapter where you clearly present the results of your study, you shouldn’t think about what they could be like! You can present the results of your study in a form of a clear and unbiased discussion. This part is based only on the facts discovered during your research and once again, not upon your personal point of view. You cannot interpret the discovered facts.

Some people make difference between qualitative and quantitative results of a dissertation. The first ones usually include statistic information. The second ones mostly deal with the most important findings of your dissertation and provide an analysis of them.

It goes without saying that just like any other chapter of dissertation, the results chapter should be structured properly and proofread. So it seems to be a good idea to address to My-thesis.net. We have helped hundreds of students with their dissertations and we want to be of use for you! Our experts are always willing to help you!