Dissertation Methodology

A part of your thesis that often seems to be the most important one is the methodology chapter. It is an important component that clears out the methods you will use when researching and writing this large piece of work.

As a rule, it consists of several parts. The first one is a review of the problems that are considered in your work. Innumerate the questions that you are going to answer and the problems you might face when finding the answers. Then comes the part where you include the overview of the approach you will use while conducting the research.  Next step is to tell your readers how you will collect all the necessary data, and analyze how you will make your conclusions based on this information.

The methodology part of your dissertation is not meant to provide all the details of your research process. It only has to be thorough enough so that the readers could understand that you have taken into consideration all the points concerning your topics and that the results of your research will be accurate.

The following paragraphs should provide the explanations of the methods you will use to gather the necessary data. In addition to describing methods you should justify why have you chosen exactly this or that method. When discussing the methods you should also mention how they can influence the outcome of your research.

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