Dissertation Introduction Chapter

Sometimes the most difficult part of the entire dissertation writing is the beginning. How to make your readers interested? Is it possible to grasp the attention at once? What to include and what not to mention? We will try to make it clear for you! The introduction chapter of your dissertation is the one where you provide all the basic information to give the reader general understanding of the dissertation. By this I mean things like the background information concerning your research, why you have chosen your topic, how it relates to the world around and what kind of general principles and methodology you will apply to research the chosen topic.

It the beginning of your introduction chapter give a couple of sentences which will summarize the goal of your research. Then you should give all the background information of the project. Here you can mention some already conducted experiments, including particularly outstanding ones. Thus the readers will be able to compare your finding to those presented by previous researchers.

Now tell the readers about your personal hypothesis. Explain the readers how you will be able to prove your hypothesis with the help of the conducted research. Talk about the relevant issues and the basic questions regarding your research process. If your project seems to be a controversial one, give strong arguments in favor of your hypothesis.

Another important point is to tell how the dissertation will be organized. For example, you may tell what the readers can find in every chapter so that they knew what will be happening in your dissertation. Use solid principles of organizing your paper and make your dissertation as readable as possible.

As you see, the introduction chapter is the reader oriented part of the dissertation. If you doubt how to organize it properly, we will help with that. Order services at My-thesis.net and be sure that the introduction chapter of your dissertation will be written in the best way possible!