Dissertation Discussion

The discussion section of your thesis is often considered to be the most important one. You will probably spend most time on it. Here you will have to recollect your research question and your approach. It is usually the longest section of your dissertation and you have to structure it in such a simple way to deliver your readers all the major points. For this it would be wise to divide your discussion section into smaller parts, each of them with its own sub-heading. This will help you to avoid huge parts of text and will make it more reader-friendly.

The most important point of the discussion point is that here you can make your voice heard. It is the part including critical writing. So it is necessary to explain your results and not just to describe them. Your interpretation of the results must be accurate and clear for your readers.

A good discussion should meet several requirements. So, you have to summarize your main results and interpret them. Then you discuss their significance and explain how they prove your hypothesis. Recall your Literature Review section and discuss your results in the light of previous works. Then tell your readers how the gained results explain the importance of your thesis.

In case you have the smallest doubts about the quality of your discussion section, never start doing it yourself. This will make it impossible to get the best results. Being the most important part of your paper, the discussion section requires the greatest effort. Order services at My-thesis.net and let us take care about your success!