Creating Emphasis While Writing my Thesis

Thesis Writing is not an essay work. You can even say thesis writing is time consuming and a lengthy task. Now the question arises how to grab more readers attention.

While thesis writing, each sentence and paragraph is equally important. But the first and last positions are vitally important. At the beginning of reading time, the reader’s mind is clear, fresh, and ready to absorb whatever it encounters. That’s why the topic sentence or thesis statement so often comes at the beginning. Again, at the end a good conclusion is written. An attractive conclusion sentence is added just before completion where expectations and attention are very high, where readers expect to get the essence of the message.

Writing the most important words of ┬ásentence up front focuses attention on them, while placing a key word at the end of a sentence will cause it to linger a while in the reader’s mind. Highlighting the opening and closing sentence or statement is a good way to create emphasis while thesis writing.