Choosing the correct topic while writing my thesis

Nowadays, the students have a right to choose the topic while writing their thesis and everyone tries to choose the one which seems more interesting to them so that they can complete the work properly. This is correct too. Completion of thesis takes a long time and if you are interested in the topic it will surely help you to complete your work without being bored out.

The next thing you need to keep in mind is that the topic you are choosing should be related to your career plan. This will help you in your future research too.

Take help of your adviser too. He should have enough knowledge on the topic you want to work on. If it does not work this way, choose a topic that you both find interesting. If it still does not work out look for other adviser.

Try working on something new, on which others have not done previous work. It can even be a new topic related to the research already done but adding interesting new facts to it.

If  you choose a controversial topic, think carefully about whether it might restrict your employment, tenure, or publishing opportunities. Be particular with the words used for writing and provide enough evidence to prove them.