Arrangement of pages after writing my thesis

Arrangement of the thesis paper is as important as writing and printing your thesis.

The way of presentation really matters. A perfect arrangement can be done as mentioned.

  • The first page we keep as a blank page. It need not to be numbered.
  • Then come the Preliminary Pages. Here we need to add pages that precede the actual text of the thesis. These pages needs to be numbered in Roman numbers.

Title Page (numbered as  ‘i’ )
Blank Page ( numbered as ‘ii’)
Copyright  Page ( numbered as ‘iii’)
Acceptance and disclaimer Page need not to be numbered
Abstract Title Page need not to be numbered
Content Page ( numbered as ‘iv’)
Lists of tables/figures/plates ( numbered as ‘v’)
Acknowledgment Page (numbered as ‘vi’ )

Now comes the actual text.

  • The Preface, it is numbered in Arabic number and is numbered as ‘1’

This preface is followed by

  • Body
  • Appendices
  • Bibliographies
  • Clearance Forms for quantitative research projects

At the end of paper its again required to add a blank page which is not numbered.