A general format while writing my thesis

Thesis writing is a lengthy and time consuming work. The main essence of thesis writing is to provide maximum contribution to knowledge. You  need to pay importance to the format of thesis writing so that its easy and interesting to collect  all the information by the reader and repetitive information is avoided.

The format needs to be in following sequence.

Here give a brief description about the topic you are working on. Mention the questions which you will be discussing later. The introduction should be quite interesting and should attract the reader to read and get more information.

Here you can put description of your materials, procedure and theory. Also mention about the technique, procedure, equipments used.

In this section, you need to add your information both negative and positive. Add enough details to support your findings.

In this topic mention your observation and discuss the relationships, trends and generalizations among the results found. Provide enough references and evidences supporting your work.

Conclusion  is not only a summary to your work but its a short concise explanation of your work. Summarize new observations and  new interpretations that you found through your work.

Thanks to all those who has helped you in your work. The library, assistant, laboratory etc.

Cite all the idea or text taken from. It will be helpful to other researcher in future research work. Organize the references either alphabetically by author surname (preferred), or by order of citation in the thesis.

You can add data, list of equipments used, and additional source of information in this section.